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IT4Fashion and LogisLab

The April 3, 2014 will be held at the theater Obihall of Florence, the 2014 edition of IT4Fashion, an opportunity to meet and exchange on the issues of product lifecycle management, virtualization to support new product development and potential of the IT systems for supply chain. In addition to the plenary sessions, three parallel sessions will take place NPD / PLM, Supply Chain and Retail, focusing on issues of environmental sustainability, the product lifecycle management into fashion industry, the monitoring of business performance in retail banking and the use of Business Intelligence to support the strategies of supply chain management. The event is organized by the scientific laboratory LogisLab university, headed by prof. Rinaldo Rinaldi University of Florence. The laboratory was established with the goal of developing relations between universities and industry, on the issues of improvement of logistics and business systems through joint research projects.

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The 5 key drivers for WMS

A recent editorial published by online magazine Made in USA Logistics Management, identified five key drivers for the growth of commercial WMS.

According to Bridget McCrea, in a mature market of standard software, the WMS continue to play a leading role in the continuing evolution of the logistics and distribution. The editor offers 5 drivers are able to increase the demand for WMS software:

  • WMS solutions “Turnkey”: Into the vortex evolution of logistics technology, user expectations are more and more oriented to the products ready to use.
  • Closer integration with the Warehouse Control Systems.
  • Better technical assistance to the WMS.
  • Greater customization of the analytic capabilities of the software.
  • Focusing on work planning ….

Especially regarding the latter point, the article highlights the backwardness of the technical storage than production, as would adopt “planning mode based on constraints”. However it seems that things are changing, there is indeed a growing schedule of work and movement of workers in the environments, more and more oriented to an anticipation of logistical needs. The advice is to focus on the WMS in which an emphasis on the “M” of management in strategic terms.



City Logistics: facts or ideas?

19 November 2013 in Milan the conference of AILOG on City Logistics dealed with a very current and important topics, because 50% of the goods traffic is concentrated in the urban perimeters, and that the characteristics of our road systems together with the growing percentage of distribution of goods at home pose to employees of the logistics of difficult challenges. Among the most interesting topics: The sustainability of urban logistics, Obstacles to city logistics, home delivery and the role of technology in fleet management. About the program:

The Warehouse Market Meeting 2013

At 14 November 2013 Alcman was at The Warehouse Market Meeting at the headquarters of the Trevi Spa Lancenigo of Villorba (Treviso). The focus of the event was on the platform In addition to the presentation of news, trends and findings of the portal, the results of an analysis of the Warehouse Logistics Market in Europe were shown. The event was one of the most important events dedicated to professionals for an exchange on the dynamics and prospects, as well as an exciting opportunity to come into contact with the reality of the Fraunhofer Institute which Trevi Spa is the exclusive partner.

The Shoemakers Logistics

In the showmakers industry there is potential for improvement in the logistics and production processes still unexpressed. An integrated processes and lean vision can change perspectives apparently consolidated, turning them towards a revaluation of local and synchronized districts, with reduced costs, improved service levels and competitive repositioning.

Alcman organized at the headquarters of Engineering University of Fermo the conference of AILOG (Italian Association of Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

THE SHOEMAKERS LOGISTICS : More Service Level Less Operating Expenses

In the October 2012 Technical Calzaturiera article “The Shoemakers Logistics: More Service Lavel Less Operating Expenses” with authors Andrea Bacalini (Alcman) Stefano Berdini (Opera) and Giuseppe Conte (University of Marche) reports some basic concepts developed in convention