AlcmanWMS_Logo – Warehouse Management System

The smart solution for your warehouse

Warehouse Management System offers solutions for every type of warehouse, both automatic and traditional, and it is  interfaced with all state-of-the-art technologies such as wireless networks for mobile terminals, Voice Picking, RFID, automation, GPS tracking, etc..


AlcmanTMS_Logo– Transportation Management System

Planning managing and controlling your transport.

Trasportation Management System is integrated with the leading engine mapping and route calculation, fully interactive and extended to tracking on vehicles.

AlcmanMS_Logo – 3D Modeling and Simulation

Simulate your logistic environment.

A neat 3D representation of the physical and logistic process, the warehouse, the production line is essential for an accurate simulation in order to assess performance, bottlenecks, critical issues.


Why Alcman ?

  • User-friendly. While solving the most complex problems, the software are easy and intuitive to use.
  • Flexibility. They are adaptable to every need of the industry and to all operating mode.
  • Integration. Interface in standard mode with every type of management system in use at the customer
  • Accuracy. Allow to drastically reduce the chances of error in the management of logistics flow
  • Experience. In the operational logistics of the case studies are much more numerous than normally perceived . Only a great experience guarantees success in dealing with the specific problems of the client
  • Listening. Alcman after-sales/help desk  uses most of its resources in providing customer support in the management of daily operational logistic problems
  • Passion. Each situation requiring logistics solutions is studied with enthusiasm by the team of Alcman , which has the primary goal to enhance the full potential of their customers logistics

There is no more reliable partner than the one who loves his work