Transportation Management System

AlcmanTMS_LogoAlcman is the complete software for transport management, which ensures the reduction of costs through route calculation and optimization of cargo on board. The software solution allows the full application of ministerial standards, roadmaps and delivery implementation and the satisfaction of all operational constraints related to the complex problem of the economic and environmental impact.

Geotagging GPS vehicle tracking system enables users to proactively react to any eventuality, by scheduling resources dynamically,  optimizing productivity, employee control and progress of deliveries. 

Perfectly integrated with the Business Information System, can contribute to the planning of production, related to the distribution, for a total optimization of the resources of the logistics system.


Alcman’s mission is to reset the inefficiencies in the transport system, getting maximum savings for its customers.


Transportation Management Systems

planning and route optimization
tracking & tracing
dynamic replanning
geofencing with signaling
arrival at a georeferenced place
entry into restricted areas or roads
critical transport time control
reporting delays
optimization of secondary distribution
guided navigation terminal
simulation and cost allocation


optimized space utilization on vehicles
reduction in fuel costs
reducing environmental impact
improved level of service
control productivity
advancement control deliveries



Quick and easy setup
Low cost of implementation
Possibility of canon payment
Accessible from any terminal
User-friendly dashboard


Server Java 7 also as cloud
OpenStreeView, GoogleMap
Client Web JavaScript
Android mobile, i-phone (IOS)
Devices for mobile data collection