Warehouses are as old as human being. Their evolution is undergoing a rapid acceleration, turning them into hubs of service. The basic functions are the same, but the operational variations by sector, level of automation, customization of the service, make this a very heterogeneous world.

Alcman interprets the logistical capabilities by integrating them into a broader context, considering the size of warehouses, the choice of technological solutions for storage and handling, the definition of quantities to be maintained in stock for each product, aiming to harmoniz the logistic flow with the organs of production and distribution company. The areas of intervention of Alcman are:

Main facilities


Departmental layout

Strategies for storage and handling, allocation policies, zoning

Batching Planning, Routing and Sorting

Choice of technologies, equipment and resources

Sizing of shelving, corridors, pallet places

3D simulation scenarios

The most advanced technological level in the approach to logistic problems is also represented by the simulation models obtained from the software AlcmanM&S. This method is based on the development of a virtual model that takes into account the dynamic variables and the provision of resources and, thanks to 3D modeling, allows the assessment of the most suitable solutions for every type of customer.