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Alcman is a container of best practices implemented in the field in all sectors: a wealth of effective, efficient and innovative solutions built on a solid theoretical foundation and a long logistics experience. A dynamic approach to addressing supply chain challenges.

Our challenge

We provide orientation
through experience
and innovation.

We face the varied world of operational logistics needs on a daily basis and use it to create a wealth of solid technological solutions, customizable and shareable. Not only to provide the best solutions, but to spread the culture of passion for work through our experience.


Experienced and passionate professionals.

We are professionals who respond to the needs of customers with passion, curiosity, deep knowledge of logistics processes and experience that lead us to consider every structural (physical and dimensional), organizational (people and propensity for change), product and process (product typology and procedures adopted), market approach.

This attitude is what makes the difference between a correct solution and one that guarantees maximum levels of performance and service, sometimes unexpected because generated by the use of customized solutions for each customer.

Alcman's numbers

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Years we develop custom solutions for logistics.
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The custom projects we built.
Customers %
Loyalty customers with effective and successful processes.


A history of customized solutions

Since 1994 we have been offering complete solutions for the supply chain: organizational consulting, design and implementation of logistics networks, warehouses and distribution systems.

A path of growth and innovation that goes through some fundamental stages:

  • 1994 – First custom project
  • 2005 – Alcman WMS and Alcman M&S Development
  • 2014 – Fraunhofer Certified International Market
  • 2015 – Android APPs
  • 2017 – Industry 4.0
  • 2020 – Alcman TMS Development

Our Mission

We provide orientation through customization and through support.

Riduzione dei costi operativi e miglioramento del servizio ai clienti: questo è possibile grazie ai software flessibili ed innovativi di Alcman che possono essere declinati alle diverse esigenze di progettazione e organizzazione di magazzini (WMS), sistemi distributivi (TMS) e reti logistiche (M&S).

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Alcuni dei nostri clienti

Siamo a supporto di aziende nell’ambito Alimentare, Manifatturiero, GDO, Farmaceutico, Ospedaliero, Automobilistico, Ricambi, Logistico, Fashion, tra grandi realtà e piccole organizzazioni.

Work with us

We are always looking for different and passionate people:
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