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Designed for consultants and designers of logistics systems, ALCMAN-M&S (Modeling and Simulation) is the foundation of Alcman's solutions for Supply Chain Execution.

ALCMAN-M&S allows, thanks to innovative 3D modeling techniques, to create extremely realistic animated simulations of the hypotheses of redesign of logistics activities, integrating dynamic and resource performance parameters.

The ease of use and the powerful interface for operational management, allows you to design and test solutions in a risk-free environment and at extremely low costs.

With ALCMAN-M&S it is possible to simulate the logistics flows and the operation of the planned devices, carry out the complete testing of the solution and, once the plant is installed, switch directly to WMS mode for physical-operational management.

It is also possible, once the system has been built, to compare the expected performance during the project with the actual performance.

The ALCMAN-M&S solution is able to draw and produce simulations based on historical data (batch mode) and eal-time data from the systems present and operating in the company (online coaching mode).


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The process of implementing Alcman solutions involves four phases: consultancy, planning, assistance and training. The customer will be followed by industry professionals from the first to the last meeting, with the aim of providing the best solution to the problems posed.

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